lee-lambertGreat Food Co op was founded in 1998 by Lee Lambert in Charleston SC. A regular fixture at Farmer’s Markets for many years, Lee is a familiar friendly face to area regulars from Charleston to Savannah. Over the years, he realized people are looking for fun, variety and great fresh food in Farmer’s Market products and decided to expand on that knowledge.

With headquarters in Charleston, SC, Great Food Co-op provides high quality foods of an ever-widening variety, serving both the domestic and international sectors. Great Food Co-op Inc. brings a fresh and innovative approach to the food industry, forming a cooperative for a variety of established and up and coming vendors.

Our goals are to develop a internationally known brand of fresh, top quality foods, and to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing functionality and improving operation efficiency. Our associates are distinguished by their business expertise combined with extensive experience in market research, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

Formed in the year 1998, Great Food Co-op began as a vendor at Farmer’s Markets in the Charleston, SC and Savannah, Ga areas. Building the business from hands-on experience with customers, Lee Lambert, President, brought his expertise from a career in banking and finance to learn his market and build the business in locations along the east coast and on the Internet. Great Food Co-op is also making its first entry into the retail store environment, receiving strong branding and marketing strategy from two consultants possessing a combined experience of over 60 years.

Partnering with established food professionals, Great Food Co-op has been expanding its business model to implement innovative marketing and distribution techniques. Expanding on the booming growth of Farmer’s Markets in the US, Great Food Co-op seeks out and encourages startup companies or individuals to come on board. They utilize our network of services from relationships with professional kitchens to licensing and logistics, as well as our marketing expertise as we expand the brand to an international forum. They thereby receive an outlet for their products they could not otherwise procure.

Currently employing a staff of five, Great Food Co-op’s strategy is that “Local is the new global”. We provide the same freshness and quality and taste to all the products we ship as we do to the products that are sold in a direct customer interaction.

Exceptional functional expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge positions Great Food Co-op for remarkable growth.


Sheryl Smythe Charleston SC
I’ve been following Great Food Coop’s progress over the years and they consistently deliver a really good quality, and boy are they yummy! My kids love the milk chocolate covered cherries and drag me to the GFC tent every time we go to the market in Charleston.
Richard Bandin Mt. Pleasant SC
“Now that I know cherries are good for getting rid of the gout symptoms, I buy the dark chocolate covered cherries every week at the market for Mom. It improves her disposition for sure. And it’s great knowing that this is REALLY a healthy snack for us all.”
Evelyn Porter Bald Knob, AK
“I add the dried cherries and cranberries to my port tenderloin roast and it gets rave reviews from my guests. I love getting all the credit for this “secret recipe” that was just SO easy to create. I never, never use raisins anymore!”